Amazing wrist dance performance of a nice girl

Why is a great performance?  Is it properly performing the dance steps?  Could it be dancing without mistakes?  Dance in perfect unison or keeping a particular formation?  How about expression?  How about movement quality? When I coach dance, my students mainly give attention to accurately performing the steps.  It really is hard to instruct them that performing to the best of their ability goes far beyond the execution of steps.  I actually think it includes little regarding precision and much more regarding being in as soon as.  If you target only on matters, steps and spacing then it’s like painting by quantity.  You haven’t put anything of yourself in to the performance.  There is absolutely no heart. Teaching how to perform is as important as teaching how to do a pirouette just.

The secret is unlocking the mind.  Whenever a person is reluctant of making a blunder on the test he  will most likely tense up rather than do as well as though he was calm.  The same applies to party but way more even.  Dancers can have a tendency to judge themselves how well they perform an individual step rather than taking a look at the dance in its entirety.