Ayam Cemani is a special type of Hen with black color and egg

bwAyam Cemani is a special type of Hen with black color and egg: If is ask you what is the color of an egg? what will you answer? Undoubtly you say the answer is white. But you whole life is wrong because some eggs are black too.

Ayam Cemani is an extraordinary and generally current type of chicken from Indonesia. They have a prevailing quality that causes hyperpigmentation (Fibromelanosis), making the chicken completely dark; including plumes, bill, and inward organs.

Ayam signifies “chicken” in Bahasa Indonesia. Cemani alludes to the town on the island of Java whence this type of chicken begins.

The breed started from the island of Java, Indonesia and have most likely been utilized for a considerable length of time for religious and supernatural reason. The breed was first portrayed by Dutch pioneer pilgrims and first imported to Europe in 1998 by Dutch reproducer Jan Steverink.

As of now, these type of chicken are kept in the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It is imagined that Ayam Cemani may have likewise been conveyed to Europe by Dutch sailors.