Bravo asks awkward question to bpl presenter for wearing weird dress

bwCricketer Bravo asks awkward question to bpl presenter for wearing weird dress. It is very common to Bangladeshi cricket especially when BPL happens. Bangladesh bought some weird bpl presenter from India. And they wear such like of dresses which is not for in Bangladeshi culture. This was noticed by Cricketer Bravo. Watch what he asks to her.

Ambrin Sarjeen is a mainstream Bangladeshi model and TV have who goes to the course of events around the nation for facilitating the BPL (Bangladesh Chief Group). She was a member in the magnificence expo Lux Channel I Hotshot. The model is best known for her exceptional form worry the world over. Ambrin officially settled her name in the media business by her dynamite execution.

Ambrin Sarjeen Early Life:

Ambrin was conceived in Tripoli, Libya that is not known by the ordinary citizens around the nation. She went to the Bangladesh with guardians when she was ten years of age. Her dad Golam Rasel was a Bengali and mother is a Sri Lankan, the couple met in Libya in the end got hitched. On December 11, 2016, he father kicked the bucket at 55 that she affirmed by facebook status.

Golam Rasel was a fruitful specialist. She considering in form outline at INIST, because of study, she couldn’t give enough time in the media business. She will probably give full exertion in the media after review. She is such a great amount of energetic about film industry of Bangladesh however her relatives didn’t bolster her in such manner.