China made one kilometer bridge over river in 27 minutes

China has the fastest growing economy today. While all the world giant nation face recession china still boosting their economy. They are now predominant in every sector of business. It sector, chemical sector, engineering sector including other sector, china has made vast progress. Today we cannot think a world without china products. They do anything two times faster than any ...

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Biggest Architecture Fails which caused huge damage.

Biggest Architecture Fails which caused huge damage: Individuals commit errors, and at times those misteks happen at work. For the most part, the occurrence is redressed and the entire thing is overlooked inside minutes. In any case, the working environment slip-up is harder to disregard when the individual who makes it is an architect. All things considered, when the youngster ...

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Mysterious woman taking prayer on a tree and vanished immediately

Mysterious woman taking prayer on a tree and vanished immediately: Allah is Almighty, Allah need nothing to do to prove His existence. But sometimes such events happen that proves His existence. However a strange phenomenon has been happened in Uttar Pradesh of India. A strange woman did prayer on a bunch of a big tree and vanished immediately.  Many people ...

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Gold Lamborghini Aventador and Porsche – Cost almost 10 million dollar

Gold Lamborghini Aventador and Porsche – Cost almost 10 million dollar: There’s dependably a Lamborghini curved out of strong gold – albeit tragically, they won’t have the capacity to drive it. German architect Robert Wilhelm Gülpen has composed the most costly model auto ever, which is relied upon to offer for $15 million at closeout. The valuable engine, an imitation ...

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Lava flow enters into ocean, creating new land

Red-hot lava commenced cascading over Hawaii’s cliffs early on Tuesday morning, mailing plumes of smoking skyward as it plunged in to the ocean below.THE BEST Island’s K?lauea Volcano has been erupting almost for more than 30 years constantly, however, not since 2013 has one of its 2000-level lava moves made connection with the Pacific – instantly creating new lands on ...

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Tsunami washed washed away thousands of people in a flash

A tsunami (plural: tsunamis or tsunami; from Japan:) , also called a seismic sea influx, is some waves in a normal water body induced by the displacement of a huge volume of normal water, in an ocean or a huge lake generally. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other underwater explosions (including detonations of underwater nuclear devices), landslides, glacier calvings, meteorite impacts ...

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Dangerous stunt over 40 storied buildings rooftop

People always try to something special which was never done by some others. Crazy people do crazy things. This video is about two crazy guys. They do some dangerous stunt over a 40 storied buildings roof. It was so dangerous but they did that perfectly. However our cautious request to you that please do not try this at your own.  ...

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Hybrid creatures do really exist in our life

hybrid creatures

Hybrid creatures do really exist in our life. This is a simple question from general people like us. But anser is more complicated. Big eyes blue when it comes to what’s real and what’s fake. one of the most popular themes for things you guys like to send them to me. that’s what I call hybrid creatures in case you’re ...

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Ghost cross highway in front of a running car

gohst cross highway

Ghost cross highway infront of a running car. What ever you next to your house or any type or kind of strange events seen in the streets? Or feel? He might have! Others didn’t. In any case, let’s come to the idea. Did a ghost sometimes appears by you? I think, each day of what went wrong. Usually do not ...

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