Amazing wrist dance performance of a nice girl

nice dance

Why is a great performance?  Is it properly performing the dance steps?  Could it be dancing without mistakes?  Dance in perfect unison or keeping a particular formation?  How about expression?  How about movement quality? When I coach dance, my students mainly give attention to accurately performing the steps.  It really is hard to instruct them that performing to the best ...

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Digital war of digital Bangladesh – don’t miss it

Digital Bangladesh

Digital war of digital Bangladesh – don’t miss it: ICT is the foundation of any advanced activity. ICT covers the unlimited zone of data innovation, correspondence innovation and the telecom innovation. ICT is additionally a blend of physical spine and insightfulness. PC frameworks, system apparatuses, programming, wire and remote network frameworks, telecast equipment and numerous other equipment and adornments are ...

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Super hit short drama of Biometric SIM Registration

biometric sim registration

Super hit short drama of Biometric SIM Registration. I have seen many video about biometric sim registration in Bangladesh. But this awesome short drama take my mind, took my heart. I really appreciate this drama team to do such, this type of pure entertainment. There are various type of people in our country. Three months ago Government ask for every 18 ...

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Hulk found in mirpur, Dhaka working as a office assistant


Hulk found in mirpur, Dhaka working as a office assistant: Hulk within mirpur, Dhaka working as a office helper. This news scene is from popular Telefilm “Halka Pagla”. That was on air in the past. Showing television reports as a Tv set presenter said that Hulk was within Dhaka Mirpur. So he needs to hook up Ms. Munni, who’s a ...

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World’s dumbest engineering fails compilation

engineerings fails

World’s dumbest engineering fails compilation. Initially you want to say, each is engineers aren’t dumb. So anatomist students should comprehend this topic.  That is executive fail or mistake of somebody who is dumb engineer. But All engineers aren’t dumb. You will understand the idea. Building blunders construction mistakes that are too evident for Words. Quantity 57, this entire project is ...

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