Dangerous stunt over 40 storied buildings rooftop

watch videosPeople always try to something special which was never done by some others. Crazy people do crazy things. This video is about two crazy guys. They do some dangerous stunt over a 40 storied buildings roof. It was so dangerous but they did that perfectly.

However our cautious request to you that please do not try this at your own.  I may have cried. I have no idea for certain because I’m struggling to process emotion or feel my face after seeing both of these guys, Ilya OlgaCricket and Bagaev, tease fatality by tugging stunts on the top and privately of any 40-history building even.

I stopped the video multiple times because I simply couldn’t take it anymore. I possibly could feel my legs evaporating, my upper body tightening, the globe disappearing around me, pores opening, eye watering, exactly what you feel if you are scared or anxious or maybe don’t really know what thoughts to feel, I possibly could feel.