Do you remember “Dipu Number 2” How they look like today

watch videosDo you remember “Dipu Number 2” How they look like today: We all know about the famous movie named “Dipu Number Two”. It was the best child movie that I have ever watched. This film was written by famous writer Md. Jafar Iqbal and directed by Morshedul Islam.

This movie was based on two friend one called Dipu and other Tarek. Dipu character was played by Arun Saha and Tareq character was played by subasish. However almost twenty years have been passed since the move released.

And   Arun Saha and Tareq are not child anymore they are full grown up. But what are they do look like now and what they doing these days. We have find a video that have described details about this duo. Watch the video.