Most detrimental but little ferry accident happens

Most detrimental but little ferry accident happens in Philippine. Some individuals will work. However the river was too speedy. Therefore the little ferry lost control and most detrimental things happen. One at a time three car and pick up truck swallowed by river normal water. Everybody observing that worst crash. But no one can do anything to them. Although, just a little boat was hoping to recuperate them, most them will that vessel. But interesting things happen,whenever a stupid man sensing dread. He never tried out to flee from that ferry.

The save boat drive informed him to move his sail boat. But that ridiculous man feared much, that he cannot make it. So short while complete ferry heading down later. More interesting things happen when that stupid man hold his hand to a drowned car. Short while later, that greeting card sink. From then on ridiculous man float in drinking water. A save sail boat retrieve him from normal water then.