Ghost cross highway in front of a running car

Ghost cross highway infront of a running car. What ever you next to your house or any type or kind of strange events seen in the streets? Or feel? He might have! Others didn’t. In any case, let’s come to the idea. Did a ghost sometimes appears by you? I think, each day of what went wrong. Usually do not make a blunder. This event took place startled to see the pills just lately. Also appears to be excellent. Fazilka town in Punjab to Delhi national highway number 10 added. Ghost mix the highway goes on. At least upon this full day, a large number of vehicles shifting the road. It had been on that day. Suddenly, a guy with an oath before the automobile and walked off. Yet, no-one saw him. CCTV video footage was captured just road equipment and lighting built in. You will see the video below to see clearly. You may ask a unusual question.