Hanif Sanketh – This is the reason why people will remember him always

bw┬áHanif Sanketh – This is the reason why people will remember him always. Hanif Sanketh is the only man in the history of Bangladesh entertainment industry who is the most respected man. His unique creations will be always first class. Watch Mr. Hanif Sanketh video from below.

Hanif Sanket is a Bangladeshi popular and understood performer who is dynamic in the media world since 1990. He is a pioneer media individual in the Bangladesh, Hanif has been offering bliss to the general population through his magazine indicate Ittyadi since the 1980s. The capable VIP of Bangladesh, Hanif is a maker, author, and moderator. He is the best performer individual in the nation.

Hanif Sanket Early Life: Hanif Sanket was conceived on October 23, 1958 in Barisal, Bangladesh. As a cognizant native, Hanis has dependably worked, being motivated by resident duty. He doesn’t work for cash that is the reason declined a portable organization offer which proposed him to be a model of this organization. Hanif has dependably maintained his voice against the inconsistency of society through the most saw magazine appears, Ittyadi.