Hulk found in mirpur, Dhaka working as a office assistant

Hulk found in mirpur, Dhaka working as a office assistant: Hulk within mirpur, Dhaka working as a office helper. This news scene is from popular Telefilm “Halka Pagla”. That was on air in the past. Showing television reports as a Tv set presenter said that Hulk was within Dhaka Mirpur. So he needs to hook up Ms. Munni, who’s a Television reporter. Initially they have to hook up but there is some communication space or technical challenges. But when Reports presenter rushes on her behalf, then she linked and listen every point of news presenter talking.

Then she asked an area man who was simply born within. He said that there is no hulk. Each is bias. He thought to her, people love gossiping. So they get this to report and enjoyed to inform other people. That is very interesting news report. I think you will wish to see this interview cum tv set report. Watch the video above.