Hybrid creatures do really exist in our life

Hybrid creatures do really exist in our life. This is a simple question from general people like us. But anser is more complicated. Big eyes blue when it comes to what’s real and what’s fake. one of the most popular themes for things you guys like to send them to me. that’s what I call hybrid creatures in case you’re wondering. the hybrid is really just another name for a crossbreed I don’t know like when somebody crosses a dog with an elephant for a total of a giraffe, having a dog with a rooster. not the ones I just showed you were obviously these honours that I have and I’m not quite sure. what that things like this from one of the strange vampire looking Fierce and he gave me like she was having fun. But as it turns out it’s real. it’s called the water bill and it’s made it to China and Korea. For more, watch the video below.