Limousine Tender 33 – Wonderful vehicle in the history of mankind

bwLimousine Tender 33 – Wonderful vehicle in the history of mankind. Limousine Tender 33 – World’s most weird vehicle which is run on water and surface. We have seen many vehicle in our life. It’s sometime car or sometime water ways. But Today we will give you some information about a weird vehicle, which is run on water and surface. Yes, It’s limousine tender 33. You can Watch the video from below.

Nouvoyage Tender was shown for the first time in 2013, but it is only now that it starts selling. The company behind the creation is in Boston, USA, and the base model is a massive play measuring ten feet in length.

Tender 33, which is called, weighs more than 6.1 tonnes, and for landing, four electric motors with 130 horsepower each and one per wheel are used. Top speed is indicated at 137 km / h, but range is not available.
If you’re tired of slipping around like a crab, the vehicle can be launched and then a diesel engine with 537 horsepower over the drive, then the top speed will be 28 knots. In total there is 500 liters of diesel.

The twelve passengers and two drivers can enjoy large leather upholstered armchairs and the vehicle must also be disabled. In addition to the ten-meter version, it is also offered in the lengths eight, nine and eleven meters. For a little extra fresh air, the roof can be raised and boarding takes place either via the stern or a folding side door if the vehicle is on land.
Should you probably be in a Nouvoyage Tender, you will dig deep into the wallet, priced at about four million dollars, about 35 million.