Modern dance in village marriage ceremony – full of laughter

Marriage is a vital occasion in a man’s life in South Asia. Individuals wed youthful as dating is disapproved of by a great many people. Weddings commonly last no less than three days as there are a few customs that should be watched both on the man of the hour’s and lady of the hour’s side. Numerous relational unions are orchestrated or if nothing else somewhat masterminded and for most South Asians it will be the first run through the lady and man of the hour will truly become acquainted with each other. In this manner, wedding functions are a major ordeal. Relational unions here are around two individuals getting married as well as it is the meeting up of two families. So several individuals are generally welcomed, nourished and entertained and this implies colossal cost, particularly for

In Bangladesh village marriage system is composed with various customs. One of them is village traditional dance with marriage song. However at present modern age village is becoming modern also and the type of dance has been changed. in stead of traditional dance now the perform modern dance.