Sweden first gave permission of Azan in a mosque

Muslim admirers today assembled for the Friday petition, or Jummah, at a mosque in Stockholm which saw the first-historically speaking call to supplication to be presented in Sweden.Sweden’s state-run transmission live while Fittja Grand Mosque’s imam discussed the petition call (adhan) by means of an amplifier from the minaret.”I have been living in Sweden for a long time and this is the first occasion when I have ever heard the adhan from the minaret. I am extremely glad,” Guluz Kayhan told the Anadolu Agency as she attempted to keep her tears down. “This is a noteworthy day,” said Iman Upmann, a Swede changed over to Islam 13 years prior. Prior in April, neighborhood police ruled to permit the petition calls taking after a September 2012 choice by nearby government to expel a restriction on discussing the adhan from minarets.