Motorbike Yoga : Man pulls yoga on speeding bike

bwMotorbike Yoga : Man pulls yoga on speeding bike: You may have seen motorbike stunt in cinema or circus. But in real life you does not find them easily. But a man do Yoga on a speeding bike in a busy highway.

While yoga-cherishing Brits do their anxiety busting practices at a recreation focus or in the solace of their own home, Gugulotu Lachiram is more at home on a high octane chopper.

Utilizing only the bicycle for support, the 40-year-old takes the old Indian train to new levels as he goes through a progression of complex stances – with catastrophe just a disappear.

Riding on the thruway close to his home of Khammam in the Indian condition of Telangana, Lachiram is distinctly mindful of the risks he confronts.

The high-octane yoga master stated: “I go out on a limb while I perform and until today I have not had any mishaps. Here and there I get terrified when I perform stunts yet it fulfills me feel as well.

“I can do numerous yoga stances. Some are performed by sitting, standing and resting. I can remain on a bicycle on the tank, in the center and at last.”

A rancher by calling and a sharp sportsman, Lachiram has joined his other extraordinary enthusiasm, biking, to make his outrageous image of yoga.

Upbeat to gaze passing in the face, the bicycle experience aficionado hits rates of 60km/hr amid his demonstration – which he can keep up over a separation of 5 km.