Newborn baby abandoned in garbage saved by a dog – his present situation

watch videosYou may have heard a news about a newborn baby saved by a dog. The picture of your dog carrying a fresh born real human baby in its mouth area has truly gone viral on the internet. ┬áThe dog apparently preserved the baby’s life when it found the forgotten child and taken it to the nearest house.

Based on the Arabic dialect daily Sada, “Those that published the pictures said your dog carried the infant to the nearest house, whose dwellers rushed her to a healthcare facility…the baby’s life was preserved by your dog.” Based on the paper, it might not confirm where in fact the incident occurred. The newspaper further added that obviously the infant was left behind by the mom near a waste material bin.

This story was viral as well as controversial science. Several newspapers published this news. But recently I have found some photograph claiming these photographs of that newborn baby who was rescued by a dog. So I give these pictures here.