First I thought they are watching plane, but later what I see is unbelievable


Skydiving, is a way of transiting from a higher point to soil using gravity, relating to the control of rate while descending with use of the parachute. It could entail pretty much free-fall, a time during which the parachute has not been deployed and the body little by little accelerates to terminal velocity. Andre-Jacques Garnerin was the first ever to ...

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Girl proposed boy but what happened next was not watchable

Some days ago a video of a boy proposed a girl at Dhaka college campus. For doing that the couple got TC. After that another video of proposing school campus was found on social media. That one more worse than previous one because this time class six students proposed each other. In these tow videos one thing is common that ...

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This video will change the way you think about girl

think about girl

This video will change the way you think about girl. By default, girl’s are known as a weak human being among us. But When you side by side difference the ability to work, they are all same as like a man. By the way, amount of work may differ. But that does not matter any more. If a man can ...

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Bear Grylls survived ‍after a helicopter jump gone wrong

bear grylls

Bear Grylls might be a skilled adventurer but even he isn’t immune system to the potential risks his exploits may bring. He has unveiled that he was almost DIED whenever a paragliding experiment proceeded to go horribly incorrect and he was directed spiraling right down to the ground without a parachute. ‘I bear in mind filming for whenever we flew ...

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Amazing wrist dance performance of a nice girl

nice dance

Why is a great performance?  Is it properly performing the dance steps?  Could it be dancing without mistakes?  Dance in perfect unison or keeping a particular formation?  How about expression?  How about movement quality? When I coach dance, my students mainly give attention to accurately performing the steps.  It really is hard to instruct them that performing to the best ...

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Brother and sisters Roller skaters dance will blow your mine

Roller skaters

They are seventh era carnival entertainers who lost an auntie and uncle doing thrill seeker acts. Be that as it may, Billy and Emily England will at present put their lives on hold to win Britain’s Got Talent. The rollerskating kin achieved Monday night’s semi-finals by wowing the ITV1 crowd with their unnerving head-banger move. It brought wheezes and an ...

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Modern dance in village marriage ceremony – full of laughter

modern dance

Marriage is a vital occasion in a man’s life in South Asia. Individuals wed youthful as dating is disapproved of by a great many people. Weddings commonly last no less than three days as there are a few customs that should be watched both on the man of the hour’s and lady of the hour’s side. Numerous relational unions are ...

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King of Jinn now in Bangladesh – A Thrilling story

King of Jinn now in Bangladesh – A Thrilling story: The example of extortion is changing step by step with time. These cutting edge con artists ‍are now utilizing portable administrator and private TV station for their Cheating. Today we are going to present you one of these sort of extortion who called themselves as Jinner Badsha (King of Jinn). ...

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Digital war of digital Bangladesh – don’t miss it

Digital Bangladesh

Digital war of digital Bangladesh – don’t miss it: ICT is the foundation of any advanced activity. ICT covers the unlimited zone of data innovation, correspondence innovation and the telecom innovation. ICT is additionally a blend of physical spine and insightfulness. PC frameworks, system apparatuses, programming, wire and remote network frameworks, telecast equipment and numerous other equipment and adornments are ...

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Super hit short drama of Biometric SIM Registration

biometric sim registration

Super hit short drama of Biometric SIM Registration. I have seen many video about biometric sim registration in Bangladesh. But this awesome short drama take my mind, took my heart. I really appreciate this drama team to do such, this type of pure entertainment. There are various type of people in our country. Three months ago Government ask for every 18 ...

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