rare video of Maolana Vasani – polatician should be like him

Some rare video of Maolana Vasani – polatician should be like him: Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani (12 Dec 1880 – 17 November 1976) was a favorite Islamic scholar and politics leader in British India (now Bangladesh). He continued to be a rural-based politician renowned for solidarity and selflessness with the oppressed. His long political tenure spanned the British colonial India, Bangladesh and pakistan periods. He gained recognition among peasants and helped build the East Pakistan Peasant Relationship. Due to his leaning left, often dubbed “Islamic Socialism”, he’s also known as “The Red Maulana”.An alumnus of Deoband, and participant of the Khilafat Motion protesting the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire he led the Muslims of Assam in an effective campaign through the 1947 Sylhet Referendum, by which Sylhet thought we would become area of the Pakistan national task.

He was the creator and Leader of the Pakistan Awami Muslim Group which later became Awami Little league (AL). However later, owing to dissimilarities with the right-leaning market leaders in the AML, such as Shahid Suhrawardy, on the presssing problem of autonomy for East Pakistan, he formed a fresh progressive get together called Country wide Awami Get together (NAP). He also differed with Suhrawardhy when he as Leading Minister of Pakistan made a decision to become a member of the US-led defence pact CENTO and SEATO. He disagreed with Pakistan’s growing ties with america.