Please watch the video especially the Hindu religion people

bwPlease watch the video especially the Hindu religion people: Islam is the only religion has been permitted by the Almighty Allah. Others religion is man made. The difference between Islam and other religion will clarify by this video.

The best religion is what has confirmation that it is the religion with which the Maker (may He be celebrated and lifted up) is satisfied, and which He sent down as light for humankind, to acquire them bliss their common lives and to spare them in the Great beyond. Confirmation or proof must be clear, with the goal that individuals can have no questions about it or test it. Allah (may He be celebrated and lifted up) recognizes what the liars and imposters deliver of defective proof to bolster their falsehoods; consequently He upheld His Emissaries and Prophets with far reaching supernatural occurrences and clear signs, which affirmed to individuals the honesty of this man who has gotten disclosure from his Master, so they will have confidence in him and tail him.

Therefore the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (favors and tranquility of Allah be upon him) brought astonishing wonders, of which there are numerous, about which tremendous books have been composed. In any case, the best of them is the Sacred Qur’an, which tested the Middle Easterners to create anything like it in all parts of its flawlessness, since it contains the semantic supernatural occurrence that the smooth speakers of Quraysh – who had accomplished the zenith of expert articulation, as confirmed by all antiquarians – couldn’t deliver the like of it. It additionally contains the logical supernatural occurrence, as the Heavenly Qur’an – and furthermore the Prophet’s Sunnah – allude to some logical actualities before anyone thought about them, the like of which mankind couldn’t have known around then with the exception of by means of perfect disclosure.

It likewise talked about occasions in the far off past and of future occasions, and Muhammad (endowments and tranquility of Allah be upon him) couldn’t have had earlier information of history, nor was there anybody in that land who had this learning by any stretch of the imagination, aside from a few leftovers of the general population of the Book. It likewise contains the administrative marvel, as is found in its complete framework that spreads individual conduct and behavior, decisions on the family and individual matters,

direction of global relations and decisions on social matters; it establish the frameworks for standards of equity and flexibility among individuals; it certified of the ideas of this world, the inconspicuous and the Great beyond, and the ideas of unceasing ecstasy or fate. The majority of that originated from an unlettered man who could neither read nor compose, yet his foes validated his genuineness and reliability before his companions did. At that point this Qur’an turned into the premise on which the Muslims fabricated the splendid Islamic civilization that has gone on for more than fourteen hundred years.