This man cultivate paddy in his roof top, every one surprised

watch videosThis man cultivate paddy in his roof top, every one surprised: Some people always try to do difference. This man is one of them. He has shown the entire nation how a man can cultivate paddy on roof top. Rice is the main food in our country but we could not grown enough for us. If we can use our roof top for paddy cultivation it will be helpful.

The quantity of thickly populated urban focuses is expanding. The greater part of the total populace now lives in towns or urban areas, where undeveloped or green spaces are from time to time to be found. Green rooftops, as an offset to this, have made the leap forward in such thickly populated ranges.

It comes as no surprise¬ł in this way, that rooftop ranges are utilized for the creation of organic products, vegetables and herbs. The Fresher the Better! Kid with vegetables.

A vegetable garden on the rooftop offers numerous natural advantages. Supply courses and outflows are limited, as the garden is near the shoppers. Short supply courses likewise imply that the products are fresher when conveyed and, along these lines, more delectable. Furthermore, the plants channel poisons from the air, consequently adding to an enhanced atmosphere in towns and urban areas.