Royal marriage, from car to bride and grooms dress made of gold

bwHow expensive a marriage would be? can you imagine? This marriage cost is beyond your imagination. Because is this royal marriage from car to bride and grooms dress was made of gold.

We knew Bedouins are rich and once in a while we run over pictures, stories and recordings displaying their riches and relative unusual.

Be that as it may, this one appears to surpass them all. As per pictures being coursed over the web, the little girl of Saudi Arabia’s the best Abdullah spent upwards of $3o million on his girls wedding.

What’s more, in a vainglorious motion, she was wearing a wedding dress worth more than Rs 180 crore.

Bizzaro alarm! Likewise among her wedding blessings was a ‘Brilliant Latrine’.

This latrine was totally fitted with gold furniture including this brilliant chest and the brilliant bidet out of sight.