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Brother and sisters Roller skaters dance will blow your mine

Roller skaters

They are seventh era carnival entertainers who lost an auntie and uncle doing thrill seeker acts. Be that as it may, Billy and Emily England will at present put their lives on hold to win Britain’s Got Talent. The rollerskating kin achieved Monday night’s semi-finals by wowing the ITV1 crowd with their unnerving head-banger move. It brought wheezes and an ...

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Thousands of people turned into Muslim by watching this video

What are we doing here and where we have to go. Just like woke up in the morning and then its welcome to the show. We believe that don’t ask any question just go with the flow, make as much money as you can, try everything not to lost your money. I just really want to know before the caskets ...

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rare video of Maolana Vasani – polatician should be like him

Maolana Vasani

Some rare video of Maolana Vasani – polatician should be like him: Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani (12 Dec 1880 – 17 November 1976) was a favorite Islamic scholar and politics leader in British India (now Bangladesh). He continued to be a rural-based politician renowned for solidarity and selflessness with the oppressed. His long political tenure spanned the British colonial India, ...

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