You can fell into trap while going out with your close one

bwCapital Dhaka is a busy city, people of Dhaka is always busy with their work. People often want to get rid of this business. So they go out with their close people to visit some nice place. But you can fell into trap while going out with close one.

For Americans living abroad, the most genuine impediment to individual well-being is a demeanor of lack of concern or capitulation to the inevitable. “It can’t occur to me” and “if it will happen, it will happen” is perilous considering.

Late political occasions all through the world have changed- – yet not really lessened – the dangers you confront. Today, the most common risk you confront abroad is wrongdoing.

A criminal assault against you or your family can occur at any post, as can a fire or other debacle. Notwithstanding, you can impact what transpires by accepting greater accountability for your own particular security.

The data displayed in this booklet is general. Not all the data applies to all posts. Request post-particular data from your Local Security Officer (RSO) or Post Security Officer (PSO).