You’ll be stunned to see what’s getting out out of this cow s Stomach

There’s a expressing, a goat can eat everything. Quite simply goat eat everything whatever he find close to it. But a cow has broken all the record of the goat. This cow eats whatever he find in its way. Thus the cow was abnormally beginning to become excessive fat. Who owner of the cow fell into tension. Because he didn’t use steroid kind of medication so why it’s becoming excess fat abnormally? Not just that the color of cows stomach was began to change into red colorization. How to proceed! the owner of the cow visited the veterinary medical center. Doctors possessed comprehended by experiencing health condition and tongue condition of the cow. They quit sure the cow ate something that was no to be suited to its stomach.  So they made a decision to perform a surgical procedure. After procedure what that they had found was astounding.  Almost 20 kg vinyl and polythene have been escaping . from the cows stomach.